Points to Consider When Buying PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains can be an excellent addition to your warehouse or work environment. It can be an excellent second barrier if the main door is to be left open for large periods of time. They can also help divide the workspace so you can keep different areas separate from each other.


There are a few points you should consider when purchasing your PVC strip curtains.

Size matters

You need to carefully consider the width of the curtain strips. For a place where there are high winds and exposure to the elements, going for a narrow size will be ineffective. However, if you are using them in a place where people, rather than machinery, are going to be coming in and out, then strips that are too wide may prove to be too much of an obstacle.

Material matters

PVC strip curtains can be made from different materials and come in different grades to suit your particular environment. For example, for entrances to freezer rooms, most people opt for polar grade curtain strips since the ordinary ones would freeze and possibly break. You can also go for antistatic materials for curtains that are to be used in high traffic areas.

Privacy matters

PVC strip curtains come in different colours including black, white and dark grey. This may matters if you need to maintain a considerable amount of privacy between different work areas. Thus, before choose, think about the level of privacy you need at the installation site.


PVC strip curtains are absolutely not a one size fits all. They can be adapted to suit your individual needs. From size, colour and material, it is important to choose based on your intended daily use so that you get the best out of your money.