How to choose your sectional overhead door

How to choose your sectional overhead door

A sectional overhead door is ideal for small and tight spaces since they open upwards instead of in or out. They are also nearly always insulated, and this is a major plus point since it will stop heat escaping through cold weather. Since most sectional doors are situated on the outside of a building or property, they are usually extremely sturdy and naturally act as both a physical and visual deterrent.

Sectional overhead doors come with different features, and so it can help to ask a few questions so that you can make an informed decision about the door you finally choose.

Door Purpose
It is important to ask what the primary purpose of the door will be. Is it for general access or for loading and unloading? This will affect the speed and size of the door you choose.

Door Use
These types of doors can be manual or electric operated. If you are opting for the motorised option then you will need a door motor that is consistent with the number of usages per day that you expect. Sectional doors in places like car parks will inevitably need a different motor to ones which are used sparingly.

Single or Multi-user
Depending on whether your door is located on a public building, business with multiple employees or on private property, you will need to consider a security system that works for you. For the motorised doors, you will also need to ensure that any staff or members of the public using the door is given the appropriate training to use it safely.

Extra features
You will need to consider whether you need extra security, high insulation, vision or speed for your sectional overhead door. There are advantages to these additional features.  Considering double-skinned steel panelling will no doubt offer both better security and insulation. Fully-glazed sectional models can also be designed for use in retail and showrooms.

All in all, there are lots of options when designing and selecting the overhead sectional door that works for you. With various practical variables as well as a number of style options, we are sure to find one that suits your business or property requirements.